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Born in Montreal, Normand PRIMEAU got into photography while he was working in the fields of sales, advertising and information technology with large corporations. A New York Institute of Photography graduate since June 2005, he permanently moved to Saint-Paul de Vence (French Riviera, France) in 2010 where he had met his wife a couple years before. 

Normand is a passionate and a perfectionist, always amazed by the people he meets, the places he visits and the things he sees. Enriched by his past experiences, he believes the French Riviera is for him a tremendous opportunity to discover new horizons.

His photos are full of contrast, simplicity and unpretentious, always uncluttered and truthful to their subjects. Normand is often seen in Saint-Paul de Vence equipped with his inseparable Leica camera.

Normand about himself:
"There was a big change in my photographic life in 2010. After losing a very close friend, and exceptional photo partner, I was given the opportunity to explore new grounds from a technical point of view. That is when Leica made its way in my direction, reaching me by surprise. Totally unexpected.

From this moment, something strange happened. I stopped taking pictures and started “making” them. There is no explanation for this. It just happened. Trying to explain is futile. To keep pushing and exploring seems like a much better option to me."

For me, photography has always been a way to escape from the big noise of the daily job and activities. It is a tool to express creativity, just like music or any other form of art.

It also brings you to places you did not suspect to visit, explore unknown areas, and pushes you to see things differently, from another angle, with a new approach. It also has, most of the time, the benefits of getting closer to people. That involvement in life is what makes photography such an exceptional experience."